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Photography & video is not just a living for us– it is truly our passion. Color– our perception of life– is something that defines the way we recall the paths we take and the points we visit along our journey in life. Photos & video are the tools that we use to communicate and share those experiences with others.

It is a rare profession that allows you see things in the best possible light and to share that light with others. We could not be more fortunate than to be trusted with those moments from my clients.

Allow us to join you in your adventure and capture those steps for what they are: your special moment in time, belonging to you and the ones you love. I will help you identify the best possible angles, light, colors, and brightness to shape and define your captured moments with the color that creates the best possible photographs & video.

Capturing these precious moments and freezing them in time will give you a beautiful time capsule to help you and the ones you love remember your turning points, your fondest memories, or just a beautiful day with your family and friends.

We look forward to our conversations, and to helping you shape the memories which you will cherish for a lifetime.


Andrew Woods




Rachel Woods